Managing and Preventing Knee Pain Due to Osteoarthritis

Knee pain is commonly caused by osteoarthritis due to normal wear and tear over the years. Arthritis also can develop after an injury or long-term overuse of the joint. The person may need to make some changes in the way he or she exercises. Including knee sleeves and braces in the person's athletic gear may be recommended by the doctor.

Prevalence and Symptoms

Osteoarthritis in the knee is prevalent among people in middle age and the senior years. Younger adults sometimes develop this condition as well. Symptoms typically include aches in the joint, even when resting. The discomfort may disrupt sleep. Sometimes pain during exercise is enough to prevent people from doing activities they enjoy. Swelling and redness also can occur because osteoarthritis causes a certain level of inflammation. Men and women with arthritis naturally seek effective solutions for treating knee pain.

This type of arthritis develops gradually. Symptoms may be intermittent. Mild symptoms sometimes disappear altogether, often because the person has made positive adjustments to gait, posture or position during sleep. For other individuals, unfortunately, the condition continues to progress and becomes increasingly more bothersome.

Support Devices and Shoes

Wearing the right support device from a supplier such as Mueller Sports Medicine helps minimize knee pain during activity. Experts recommend several other strategies that help arthritis patients alleviate discomfort. For example, replacing the athletic shoes frequently makes sure that the feet and legs have adequate support. The older shoes might be worn around the house or yard, but the newer ones should be used for taking long walks, playing tennis or participating in activity at the fitness center.

Losing Weight if Advisable

Losing weight, if that should be done, is important. Excessive body weight is a significant risk factor for the development of knee arthritis because the joints deal with the impact of all those pounds with each step. It might be thought of as a person at the ideal weight picking up a 30-lb., 50-lb. or 80-lb. package and carrying it everywhere. Not only do the knees take a beating, but the excess weight is hard on the ankles as well.

Important Considerations

Because the amount of work that's demanded of them, knees are very susceptible to the development of osteoarthritis. They also are one of the joints most likely to be injured. With the protective effects of support devices, people can prevent injury, speed healing if an injury does occur, and prevent worsening of an existing condition.